Two weeks to go!

Good morning everyone!

It’s been a while, so I think it’s about time to share the latest update.  We FINALLY got a completion date for the flat! Yay!  Friday the 19th of July is when we pick up the keys and that flat is officially ours.  We’ll be moving in properly on the Saturday, and I cannot wait.  We’re treating ourselves to a new bed with all new linen, a new sofa aaaaaaand…..a new kitchen.  There’s lots to do in the first few weeks, but I’m so glad the time has finally come.  

When we first moved in with my in-laws, we put a lot of boxes straight into the garage and didn’t even unpack them.  Over the last year, we’ve been living out of 3 kitchen cabinets, a sideboard, and the world’s smallest wardrobe.  Consequently, we’ve realised how little stuff we actually need.  We were pretty minimal to begin with, but I’m a super organised/prepared/anal person, so I always liked to have enough plates for 20 stashed away somewhere.  With so little storage in the new flat, I’ve had to have a rethink of what is really needed.  A lot of the boxes from the garage have been unpacked straight to charity shop bags, and what’s left is just things that we really love.  There’s a big pile of boxes in the corner of the conservatory, and over the next two weeks I just need to slowly box up what’s left.

Will I miss it here?  Honestly?  I doubt it.  It’s been an interesting experience, and we’ve been so lucky to have been able to take this route.  We’re so grateful that we’ve been able to save up and get where we need to be, but I’m ready for my own space again.  I’m ready to not share a kitchen, not have to worry about when I can shower, and to put some records on or just enjoy the silence.