House Tour Part II: Bedrooms

Picking up where we left of with the living room and kitchen, let’s move to the bedrooms. I’ve posted about Milo’s room before, but ai think that now he’s in a single bed, there won’t be much more change here, until a. we move out, or b. he moves out. One or the other. Our bedroom is also fairly static now, which is nice. When we moved in, the big bedroom was being used as the kids’ room, and it was SO BLUE.

Master Bedroom


There’s not a lot of storage space in the flat, so we have to sneak it in wherever we can. That’s a Mandal bed from Ikea, sadly discontinued. I love it because the drawers are massive. The four drawers literally span the whole of the bed base. There’s A LOT in there. All the Christmas decorations, all my fabric and craft supplies, and one drawer is dedicated entirely to our shoes. Rock and Roll.

The blanket. OH THE BLANKET. I’ve wanted a Pia Wallet Cross blanket for FOREVER and I’m so happy I took the plunge. If you’re on the fence about getting one, just suck it up and order. You can eat beans on toast for a few weeks- no one will mind.

George Nelson saucer lamp was from eBay and it’s got a couple of holes and was in pretty poor condition. We cleaned it up with caustic soap and it’s been great. I’m itching to do something else though…I’m just not sure what. The print at the end of the bed (yes it’s a print – it’s gloss black on matte black, and with good reason) is from GFDA. <-Possibly NSFW! The vintage Anglepoise model 90s were liberated from a skip years ago, and the bedside tables are coffee tables from Marks and Spencer, a long time back. I’m trying to find some new ones though, I think bedside tables should have drawers.

Paint, as the living room and Milo’s room, is B&Q Colours premium matte in Victorian Lace.

Milo’s Room


So, Milo’s room is pretty much all vintage or bespoke. It’s a super small space so we had to get creative. The room is EXACTLY wide enough for a mattress. In practice, this means that a bed doesn’t actually fit, because of the skirting board (or ‘trim’ for our American friends). So, we had to find a single bed that had inset legs, and preferably, storage. We found this bed in a second hand shop by accident. I’ve got birch ply all ripped and ready to clad the frame and drawer fronts, but the bed fits, and that’s the main thing. The cute ice cream strip blanket is from Atlantic Blankets on Not on The High Street.

The desk and shelves are Elfa track and bracket with birch ply, and it’s the same system we used in the living room. The idea here is that as Milo get’s bigger the desk can just move up with him.

I love the lights above Milo’s bed. It’s just an EKBY shelf bracket and string lights from Ikea. It has such a lovely warm glow. Speaking of warm, you may have noticed that there are no radiators or other visible forms of heating ANYWHERE. One of my non-negotiables in the flat was underfloor heating. For some reason, these flats don’t have a gas supply (the house literally next door does, so it’s not a pipe issue, IDK??), meaning that EVERYTHING is electric. That’s fine, but electric heating options are somewhat limited. Originally the flat had old concrete night storage heaters. Inefficient and ugly. The electric underfloor heating is cheaper to run, nicer to look at and well, it’s just nice.

Finally finished in the bedroom! (For now.)

Evening all!

Finished Bedroom

There was some lovely light in the bedroom this morning so I used it as an opportunity to breakout the camera and snap some shots of where we were.  Then I decided we were done.  So here we go…the bedroom!


Since last time we’ve built the wardrobe – that was interesting.  The wardrobe will forever live in this room now, as it literally will not fit through the door or window.  If we want to take it with us we’ll have to take it apart.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken apart flat pack furniture, but in my experience you can only put it together once, and take it apart once.  After that it just sort of crumbles into particle board that used to be a thing.  So….it’s staying here.  Forever.

DSCF6677We want to get a stand for the plant by the wardrobe, partly because it will look cooler, and partly because I’m a bit worried about the plant sitting directly on the heated floor.  Not sure how that will work out long term… I think we’re going to indulge ourselves and get a cute wire basket from Ferm Living, and turn it upside down.  Boom.  Plant stand.  On a related note, heated floors in a bedroom are just the best thing ever, you guys.  You wake up, pre caffeine, and plant your feet on a toasty warm floor.  It makes mornings just a little more bearable.

DSCF6672There’s a Bertoia wire chair at the end of the bed too, under the window, but that corner is a real arse to photograph.  Once I figure it out, I’ll let you know.  It’s such a difference from when we moved in, so much calmer and less….blue.  Sweet Dreams!


Progress in the bedroom

This weekend, we spent the nights sleeping on our Ikea sofabed (The ‘Friheten’, and FYI it’s VERY comfortable), surrounded by boxes and bags of STUFF.  The trouble we seem to have, is that no matter how much space we have, we always need a little bit more.  The stuff we were surrounded with at the weekend is what we had stored in the nursery closet.  The pattern goes something like this:

1.  Empty nursery closet
2.  Transfer contents of bedroom closet to nursery closet
3.  Demolish bedroom closet (fun!)
4.  Put contents of nursery closet…um…somewhere.

Most of said contents were sorted into nifty underbed boxes, and next weekend we’ll be getting a new freestanding wardrobe for the master bedroom.  Until then, the additional remnants of life have been put in the nursery (tool and floor and junk storage room atm!) and the door firmly closed.  BOOM!  Problem solved.

The purpose of all this shuffling was to allow us to rip up the bedroom carpet and lay the heating and flooring in there.  So, before ado is in any way furthered, here’s a little ‘before’ recap.  It’s blue! It’s dark! It’s FUN!

And whilst nowhere near complete, a room we can at least sleep in sans headache.Image

As a fun side note, we picked up a vintage George Nelson saucer lamp in need of some (a shit-ton) love last week and I’ve been cleaning that up ready to go up in here.  It’ll be nice to replace the knock-off-I-didn’t-know-was-a-knock-off-cos-I’d-never-seen-an-original that we’ve had for years.Image

The rather lovely white space here is where the wardrobe was, and will (obviously) be painted, and then we’ll be putting in a new wardrobe.  Hopefully on wheels.  And a pot plant.  Fancy.ImageImageImage

The new flooring is so much nicer.  I’m not sure about you, but when I move into a place with carpet that’s been there a while, no amount of cleaning can convince me that the carpet’s not full of the previous occupiers skin cells.   Gross.  

Next stop I think is the hallway-that’s a hot mess.  There are huge chunks of wall all different colours where things have been wall mounted and painted AROUND.  There’s missing skirting where we took out the storage heaters, and SO MANY DOORS.  Seriously, this is a tiny flat and we’ve got seven doors.  I’ve started painting them black and I think it’s kick ass, but I haven’t quite convinced Mr E yet…

Here’s to the freakin’ weekend…

I’ll drink to that.  It’s been a relatively calm weekend so far, the biggest moment of productivity being re-organising my kitchen cabinets. On Sunday we’re going to change out all of our light flex for  beautiful aquamarine cloth covered flex from Etsy.   TodayI treated us to some fantastic white, high thread count bed linen, gorgeous grey pillow cases, and a grey and white throw. Tomorrow is the day I’ll take photographs of 46.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to start the day with pancakes and bacon, fresh OJ, REAL coffee, listening to Beatles records, and reading design and shelter blogs.  Rock and Roll.

Also, I’m working on a commission for Movement for Hope, so keep your peepers peeled over on the design pages to see what I get up to!

Cupboard Shame

Good Evening all,

I’ve finally been shamed into sorting out the cupboard which serves as a loft in my apartment.  Now, it’s important that you know that I am married to a hoarder, and we pulled about 8 boxes of CABLES, myriad broken laptops, access points, projectors and whatnot out of the cupboard.  In all fairness, not a great deal of the ‘stuff’ in there was mine, but there is a pretty hefty pile heading to charity shops tomorrow.  We also shifted 4 binbags of junk and 3 of recycling.  Yep, there was a place in our house dedicated to storing out of date pizza menus…

Without further ado, I present some pretty shameful before pictures…

It was, as I believe the kids say, a hot mess.

So, after about 8 hours and a trip to the local Staples, it started to look a bit more like this…

Finally, once everything was out and I could hoover, we had the fun of fitting it all back in.  I’d been ‘editing’ as it all came out, so I was faced with a  MUCH reduced amount of stuff to cram back in.  There were a few ‘Tetris’ moments, but on the whole it is SO much better!


Finally Finished Bedroom

Good Afternoon.

It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend here in Blighty, and according to some ancient law, one MUST do some kind of DIY.  We chose to paint, and finish the much neglected bedroom.  We’d fallen into a trap with the bedroom-the ‘no-one will see it but us’ trap which meant that other, more public rooms got all the attention, whilst we woke up every morning in a white, bland, hand-me-down furniture and uni house bed kinda way.  Cue obligatory before shot.  Note the dark gray wall (Which I liked for ages, BTW), the country pine bedsides and the bubble glass lamps.  Nice.

So, you saw what we did with our bed, which was to build up the headboard and upholster the whole thing in lovely grey felted wool.  That was a good start.  Then we picked up some really nice bedside tables (Actually they were ‘coffee tables’ but I don’t think anyone minds…).  We also found some old Anglepoise model 90 lamps.  We couldn’t find matching ones, so I have a white one and the Mr has the black one.  One day we might buy another one so that they match, but these were free :-).

The Bank Holiday Weekend Paintjob saw us covering over that dark grey wall (and indeed all of the other walls) with Dulux Once in Chic Shadow.  Yes.  This is the same colour as the living room.  I think it’s my favorite paint colour now.  The door frames now look nicer, the baseboards look nicer, hell even our furniture looks nicer.  We even managed to put up and old mirror that we got in a charity shop for £3.00.  It  always looked awful against the white, but somehow it just works against the grey.

OK, OK…Here’s a pic of the AWFUL chevrons I painted in the wardrobe.  We’re going to sand them down, paint over in grey and start again.  Any ideas how I can get them neater?

All in all, the bedroom is so much calmer now.  It was much nicer to wake up this morning :-).  Eventually I’s like to swap out the Eames (It’s actually one of the dining chairs and needs to go back…) for a Bertoilla Diamond Chair (or something similar…), with a yellow chevron cushion perched on top.  Sigh.

There is no rest for the wicked though, as tomorrow we’re planning to paint the hall starts and landing (An onerous task as we have a wall nearly 5 meters tall) in a gorgeous shade of olive green-grey.

The Great Wardrobe Experiment

Good Evening!

Over the years I’ve tried and failed so many times to keep my wardrobe in order.  Even living in an amazingly small space didn’t kept me in check.  But this time I vowed to try harder, and I think it’s working.  Our bedroom has a bizarre nook with a higher ceiling than the rest of the room, and it’s in here that we have installed some IKEA Stolmen poles and a small chest of drawers.  For a very long time (Read:Several Years) it looked like this:

Having enough of ironing my clothes both when they went in and when they came out I developed a Plan.  I wrote myself a plan for getting the beast tidy, and some ‘rules’ for keeping it that way.
Getting Tidy
1.  Sort out the clothes.  I took everything back and followed the old ‘6 month’ rule.  If I haven’t worn it in 6 months, it goes.  Yep.  Harsh, but it works.  Now everything in my wardrobe is something I love.
2.  Work out what works.  I find it easier to have stuff hanging, the Mr likes things folded.  Once you figure out where you’re likely to put stuff when you finish with it, you can work out where it needs to be in the first place.
3.  Put everything back!
Keeping it That Way
My simple rule is to put things away.  Even if I don’t feel like it first thing in the morning, I will fold up my pyjamas and put them in the drawer.  That skirt I want to wear tomorrow?   Back on the hanger, not slung over a chair.  Belts?  Hair accessories?  Necklaces?  They all head into the cute tin pail, and stay there.  
There were a few changes as we figured out what worked…The big box for shoes, and the tin pail for ‘stuff’.
It seems to be working so far-and I’m ironing much less. 🙂

Double Glimpse!

Good evening internet.  It’s been a busy few weeks in the Elliott household.  We decided to overhaul the dining room somewhat, we’ve been collecting new furniture gradually so we thought it high time to ‘finish the job’.  A tin of paint and a trip to Ikea later and we have a dining room that we’re happy with.

We’ve gone for yellow, which isn’t something either of us expected, but that seemed to work (took 40 minutes of staring at colour cards at the Dulux machine to figure that out…)


We’ve had some fun in the bedroom 😉

We want to change it right up in there as I’ve had the same country style pine for donkeys years.  We can’t afford to change it all out at the moment so we decided to change the headboard on the bed.  This evolved into full-blown reupholstering the whole bed, and I think it’s much better.



We used the same principle as this guy, only we ‘tufted’ our headboard afterwards, which was a bit of a pain in the arse, to be honest.  Last job to do is figure out what to do with the legs.  I wan to cover the tops in the wool, but the Mr wants to stain them black.  I guess it comes down to who has the most free time…

Here are some close ups of todays project…

 Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight!  For now, though, I need to rest my swollen hand, I fired a thousand staples into that thing, and the electric staplegun kept blowing fuses, so I did it with a manual one.  Ouch.

Lust in the bedroom…

Well, good evening!

At some point in the future we will be looking to change over all of the furniture in the bedroom.  It’s my least favorite room in the house.  The furniture I have is good stuff, but not to my grown-up (*ahem*) taste.  I had the furniture bought for me as a young teen, maybe twelve or thirteen, and it’s solid pine, country style stuff.  I have been searching for AGES for just the right style.  I think I’ve found it at Habitat!

(I’ve cheated a bit, as I already have an Eames RAR, and the lamp and cushion are from John Lewis…)
1.  Original BTC Hector Lamp via John Lewis
2.  Habitat HANA low chest of drawers
3.  John Lewis Geo Cushion
4.  Habitat HANA Bedside Cabinet
5.  Habitat Milton Console Table
6.  Eames Plastic Armchair RAR via The Lollipop Shoppe
7.  Habitat HEDY double bed frame