I know this post has been a very long time coming, but we’ve been unbeievably busy over the last couple of weeks!  We picked up the keys to our flat on Friday 19th of July, and haven’t stopped since then.  On Friday, we got up, picked up the hired van and flew straight to Ikea.  Yep, our flat is more than a little Swedish… A new bed, sofa and dining table later, we picked up the keys and let ourselves in.  You guys, it was so emotional.  We just stood there in the hall going “we OWN this.  this is OURS”.  Over the next few days we realised how much actual work there was to do.  There were holes in the walls.  Not like screw holes, but face-sized, taken out with a hacksaw holes.  There were non-functioning night storage heaters, which, when removed (eventually) revealed a lack of skirting board behind and flooring underneath.  There were dodgy electrical spurs added on to the ring main.  It was not, my friends, a case of slapping some paint on the walls.  The best room in the flat was the bathroom, so bizarrely, thats’s where we chose to start.  We took down the old towel rail, the medicine cabinet, the frightening-looking heater, the mouldy blind and all the odd screws and nails.  I filled in all the holes, I sanded all the filler.  I painted the ceiling. I scrubbed the window with limescale remover.  We bought a new shower and installed it.  We changed the shower curtain track.  AND THEN we painted.  A glossy, charcoal grey called ‘Bottlenose Dolphin’.  Apt for a bathroom, no?  Once we’d painted I had a crack at the skirting boards.  I used one coat gloss, but I don’t know what kind of stain the previous guys put on the wood because the gloss went yellow.  So Once became Twice.  Lesson learned: Never Trust Anything.  Once THAT was done I moved my attention to the frilly stuff.  The Hang It All pretending to be a towel rack, the Mirror Of A Throusand Transformations, and a clock.  We need to get a new light fitting, but for now, this is nice.  It’s been nice during all thework to have a moody, masculine, calm retreat to wind down in at the end of the day.  The last thing you want when you’re trying to relax is to have MORE WORK staring you in the face.  Yay!  New Flat!



The lounge is coming along in leaps and bounds too.  (I will do a proper introduction to the flat at some point, with pictures and floorplans, I promise.  I just wanted to throw you a frickin’ bone here.)  The lounge has taken a LOT of work.  Nearly £600 of brick tiles to replicate that bare wall look, nearly a tub of filler and SO MUCH SANDING.  Throw in a nice vintage light, and some buttoning on an otherwise plain IKEA sofa and y’know what, we’re seeing progress.  Still a long way to go, but we will get there!  Having internet troubles at the moment, but once that’s all sorted (grr) I’ll keep the updates coming thick ‘n’ fast!
FlatProgress4FlatProgress5That’s all for now folks!

Planning a new bathroom

Good afternoon all,

I’m in the midst of planning a bit of a bathroom update.  I recently re-did the main bathroom, but I’m after something a bit edgier.  It’s currently powder pink, with white and pale pink towels, an ornate white mirror and a frosted glass medicine cabinet.  As a renter, this is pretty much the only thing I can change.  It’s a pretty small room, but I want to go DARK in there.  My thoughts are near black walls and ceiling, and hot pink pops.  Think ‘goth flamingo’ and you’re there.

Over half the bathroom is tiled in plain white square tile, so that should balance it out, and the floor is a ‘lovely’ black faux marble texture lino affair.

So, here is my current thought process…

I LOVE the octopus figure.  Mr E hates it.  Something tells me I’ll win this one.
I’d show you a before picture, but currently the bath is absolutely filled with balloons from my birthday festivities a few days ago.  What?  That’s normal, right?

EDIT:  Here are the before pictures.  Who cares that the bath is full of balloons?  I’m not normal so I shan’t pretend to be.  So this is pretty much the view from the door (Why are bathrooms impossible to photograph?)

Notice the ledge above the toilet and sink.

 This wall is entirely white tile, so nothing can be changed there, although I guess a medicine cabinet could probably be screwed into the grout.  Probably.

The wall on the left there, and the reflected wall opposite show that it’s a pretty, sweet pink at the mo.
I’ve never liked the light, but I hadn’t (until now) had a better idea.  There was a horrid wire cage thing over an incandescent bulb when we moved in.  At least this was an improvement.
And here’s the last wall.  That medicine cabinet is WAAAY too small, even though we don’t use this as the main bathroom.  You can see the grey floor here too.
So there you have it, watch this space!

A Few Changes…

There have been a few changes to the blog, and there are probably some more to come.  I’ve had a few changes myself-so if you’ll forgive the self-indulgent nature of this post, I’ll fill you in.  I’ve decided to finally lose my extra weight.  I was about two and a half stone overweight, and I’ve just about lost the first stone.  Yay me.  I’ve finally started to feel ‘pretty’ again, and I’ve wanted to reflect this in my house, my clothes…everything.  Hence the changes.  I’ve started to re-decorate some of the house, and I’m super excited to share that with you!
I’m going to find the pictures from the original Estate Agency listing for our house, because even though it’s a rental and we’ve not been able to change anything structurally, it was still a bland white box when we moved in.  I’ve also been baking more and making cute bento-style lunches for myself and the Mr, so perhaps a few of those will pop up.  Who knows?
Also, I’ve just ordered a new camera, so no more iPhone pictures!

I’ve just finished the bathroom.  I painted it whisper pink, and bought a cute print from keep calm gallery that reminds me to look lovely.
I love fresh starts, and I’m starting to feel like a bit of a different person.  I’ve even turned into a MORNING person, which I have never been in all of my 25 years.  I like this period of change, it’s exciting and I wonder where I’ll end up?  Hopefully it will be somewhere spectacular and you’ll all be there to share it with me!