Organisation and ‘what success means’.

Warning: Slight Chance of Philosophy Ahead.

Hello there. Another week has flown by with no discernable house progress.  The to-do list is fairly steady, although I did manage to sort a bunch of stuff out that’s just been hanging around.  We’ve had a hire car for a few weeks whilst mine was in the shop.  That meant we had to take everything out of our car, which in turn, meant I had to sort out everything in our car.  There was a broken steam mop and half a rice cooker in there.  A fun afternoon of sorting was had.  I’m only mostly being sarcastic here-I genuinely enjoy sorting and organising.  Mr E always jokes that I have a thing for containers, and he’s absolutely 100% correct.  I love a good jar, and it was with great glee that I finally sorted out the world’s smallest pantry.  Well, it’s a cupboard, but I can call it a pantry.
I’m calling that success.  We were talking about what success means to us, and came to the conclusion that it’s really simple.  Being Happy.  I feel pretty damn successful at the moment.  I don’t earn a ton, but I spend time with my little man.  I don’t have a massive house, but my flat is full of exactly what I want.  I like my job, I’m happy with my self image (shock!) and the few friends I have are ace.

Mostly though, I like to open cupboards and see things all neatly arranged.  It certainly makes baking much easier.  This weeks’ TOTW wasn’t that great.  I made baked doughnuts but they were a bit too heavy and cakey for my liking.  Perhaps I’ll resort to frying again.
Already so interested in the record player.  This was a calm Sunday morning playtime shot, and he decided he wanted to climb.

A little more progress…

Bit by bit, things are coming together in the kitchen.  We’ve started tiling and now have a feel of what the kitchen will look like once it’s done!


So, now we just need to finish the tiling and grouting, fit the doors onto the washing machine and dishwasher (and what a nightmare that is, but that’s a story for another day…), and bolt the wall cabinets together.  So close now, but the newborn is taking quite a bit of our time!  Hard to believe that he’s one month today.  Yay Milo!


Just checking in


Thought I’d quickly stop by and let you know what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks.  I need to take the camera for a whirl, but it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I come home, and the weekends are spent making things happen!  So.  We now have heating and flooring in the lounge, bedroom, nursery-to-be and hallway.  We primed the hallway walls and painted, and then put up a cute little Ikea bestå unit.  We sanded and re-painted that odd white bit in the bedroom and built and put up a wardrobe, and I think that’s about where we are.

On a different note, I just passed the halfway point in this ‘growing-a-human’ thing I’m doing.

‘Till next time!

Reasons for Procrastination. (ALSO KNOWN AS “AAAAARGH!’)

So.  We bought a flat.  In July.  It’s now October and you guys haven’t seen much progress.  You may be wondering if there hasn’t been any.  Well, there has and it’s been slow, but I’ve had a reeeeaaaly good excuse.

I’m having a baby.

That’s right.  Geekarilla’s getting a little one.  It’s been a rough pregnancy so far and that’s put the kibosh on work around here.  We’ve made some progress though, we’ve got underfloor heating and replaced the floor in the living room and (what will be) the nursery, and the master bedroom will be laid this weekend.  We pulled out the giant fitted wardrobe and will be replacing that once the floor is done.  We’ve put up some Elfa shelves in the living room and added a tumble dryer to the hall cupboard.  Hopefully this weekend will see a bit more organisation and stashing of stuff away, and then perhaps I can get some more progress shots up!  The living room is almost done – the brick wall is holding up nicely, and I managed to restore a vintage Saucer Lamp last weekend quite successfully.

So, I’m going to be a mum.  There’s going to be a baby and then a small child in our home, and this could well signal a few changes to our style and the choices we make.  The blog will probably gain a few posts on living with a baby or life with kids, but hopefully once I am properly on my feet I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule.  Wish us luck!

Cooking for a New Mum…

Good Morning All.

My sister has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl (cue ‘ahhhhs’)…

I know absolutely nothing about kiddos, and when I held her in the hospital I was straight up petrified.  I know it’s nice to offer to help out at home when someone has a new baby, y’know, so that mum can nap and get clean and rest, but I have NO CLUE.

I figured the most helpful thing I could do would be to batch cook a few meals for them.  (There’s mum, dad, and two boys already…)  Oh, I also made cupcakes with pink satin flags.

Welcome to the world, little’un!