In a Sunday frame of mind

As I sit in bed, looking out of the window at the rain (finally!), I find myself thinking of rituals and comfort. We’re getting the little one ready to start school in just 6 short weeks (where the frack did all that time go!?) and the thing that is being shouted at us left right and centre is routine, routine, routing. Children sleep better when they have a bedtime routine, children behave when they are in a routine and know what to expect, children are more resilient when they have structure… If you have kids this isn’t news to you.

What about us though? Us, the fully matured (snork), developed adults of the world.

Sleep experts tell us to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Our routines and rituals are no less important than those of our smalls. I enjoy ritual. I love the comfort of things going as expected. When I’m feeling less than stellar, the first thing that takes a hit is my resilience. Usually is starts with not being able to stand the thought of someone else making my coffee. (I’m VERY particular about coffee, and there are few people I would trust with such an important job.) Baking is another ritual that calms. Taking a list of ingredients and bringing them together properly brings a reward not just of order, but of cake. I can’t think of anything more perfect. Take chaos, organise, create oder, get cake.

My life is full of little rituals. I like to start every Sunday by bing the first one awake. I fix myself some coffee, grab my laptop, and come back to bed for some reflection and Pinterest time. It’s bliss. Just a little beat, a moment in the chaos of life, but something to which I can bring order. So I do. What rituals bring you comfort?

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