Good life advice: Buy clothes that fit.

The struggle, as the kids say, is real. Two years ago now, I KonMari’d my flat. Clothes, sentiment, practical stuff, the kitchen – the works. Two years later and we’re still in pretty good shape. My flat is reasonably neat pretty much all of the time, and I have no worries about having to tidy up before my cleaner arrives. The only area I’ve had any trouble with is my clothes. I have a wardrobe full of basic tees and sweaters and I don’t/won’t/can’t wear them (this is today’s discard pile). Why…?

I’m between 5’7″ and 5’8″ depending on the time of day, but I am NOT evenly proportioned. I have regular – even slightly short – legs, and then this ridiculous torso. I’ve literally only just come to terms with this. I’ve spent the last 20 years buying tops that don’t fit. The shoulders are never right. The sleeves are NEVER long enough. They’re basically crop tops. This is not a good look for me. A couple of months ago I finally had this epiphany and bought a bunch of tops from UK tall person shop, Long Tall Sally. MIND BLOWN. Since that fairly basic revelation I’ve scoped out Next tall, ASOS tall and some other ranges, and it’s made a massive difference. Not only do my clothes actually cover my body, but I’ve had the psychological boost of not having to buy clothes 3 sizes too big (bonus). The elbows are in the right places, the head holes are the right proportions. The waists are in the right place.

So. Whatever your body – buy clothes that were made for it. If you’re petite, search out clothes designed with your frame in mind. If you’re larger, find designers that understand your challenges. If you’re top heavy, there are stores that cater for your struggles. Whatever body you have, be kind to it, and treat it to clothes that were made for it. Your body and your confidence will thank you.


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