The Toddler’s New Clothes

Once upon a time, I put a little thought into what I wore. I chose my clothes with care based on how they made me feel. Baggy jeans, cute retro gamer tees and cardigans were my jam. These days I’m all about the skinny jeans (they don’t drag in puddles), strappy vests (easy to change) and cardigans (Cardigans are the best). I don’t pay too much mind to what I’m wearing as long as it’s comfortable, functional and clean (ish). Milo on the other hand, is a different story. I choose his outfits each night from a well ordered closet. I make sure his socks match his dribble bib. I guess I’m hoping that the cute toddler giggling beside me will take any attention away from me.

I had a rare opportunity to hit up the shops alone this morning. I went out with the sole intention of buying chocolate, and I ended up in  Zara. I’ve never been into Zara before, but I came across their kid’s range after finding some joggers on eBay. OHMYGOSH. The joggers were soft and comfortable and roomy in the derriere. Perfect for cloth bummers…. Anyway. My trip to Zara today did not disappoint. I could have come away minus some serious greenback, but I managed to hold it together and only bought 4 things. I did, however, put together a wish list….

Zara wish list

1 Cashmere Knit Cardigan
2 Bear sweatshirt
3 Basic button collar sweater
4 Organic cotton Striped t shirt in grey
5 Organic cotton Striped t shirt in white
6 Plain white buttoned t shirt
7 Red checked shirt (I bought this!)
8 Blue nehru collar shirt
9 Grey jogging bottoms
10 Geometric print leggings (I bought these!)
11 Ribbed jeans
12 Bodywarmer
13 Fleecy grey coat (I bought this!)
14 Knitted infinity scarf (I bought this!!!)
15 School backpack
16 Classic leather plimsoles

For now, I’m content with what we have…

Milo's Apres swim outfit

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