Hurrah for Bank Holidays

The late summer Bank Holiday always takes me by surprise. It always comes just when I think that summer is over and we’re officially heading into Autumn. (Which, according to the Pagan wheel of the year, we are.) The days certainly seem a little shorter, a little soggier, and a little crisper, but that’s A-OK. I love Autumn.

We certainly made the most of the long weekend here…

Turtle Tots Swinging Sharing Dancing GRINNING PIZZA
1. We all went to ‘Lo’s swimming summer school
2&3. An ace time at a local country park. Milo loves to swing, and he’s getting good at sharing.
4. Dancing to the Smiths after breakfast is an EXCELLENT way to start the day.
5. Zoo selfies in the rain.
6. Homemade Milo-sized pizza with salad and olives. SO tasty.

I’m starting to feel the sunshine get weaker and the wind get just a little bit colder. It’s September tomorrow, which has taken us all by surprise. Time to make the most of the last summer days, and pick up a puddle suit. After all, there’s actually no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothes.

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