Very British Thrifting

I read quite a few American home and lifestyle blogs. It just so happens that my design sensibilities align to select individuals across the pond. Usually this poses no problem. I mentally convert closet to cupboard, and faucet to tap, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that for most U.S. urbanites, a ‘small’ living room is probably bigger than my entire flat. (I’m discounting Brooklyn here, some of those places really are small.)

The one area that I struggle with though, is ‘thrifting’. It’s hard to translate that one. Thrift store becomes charity shop, garage sale equates to car boot sale, and flea market? I guess jumble sale. It can be hard to get excited about any of those things. I know there are people who get up as the ass crack of dawn every Sunday to hit up a car boot sale. Frankly, I’m not that dedicated. 

There is one charity shop that keeps me interested though. It’s a British Heart FoundTion furniture shop and if you’re lucky, you can find a gem or two buried under the 90’s mass produced crap. Case in point, my beautiful mid-century teak sideboard. So, when Mr E called to say he’s picked up a headboard on Thursday, I was a little excited.

Mr E is kind of Brilliant at ‘British Thrifting’ or ‘Brifting’ as I’ll never say again, and our bed has been without a headboard for two years. It’s a little thing, but it bothers me. I was so pleased when he pulled said headboard out of the car. Boom.   


Look at that. All teak and curved and sexy. I know it’s a first world problem to be bothered by a lack of headboard, but my life does feel a little bit more complete now. Perhaps one day I’ll be a successful adult after all.

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