Entertaining Toddlers

I am lucky enough to spend two days a week alone with my little man. I work three days a week, and he spends two days at nursery and one day with grandparents. It works for us. I get my independance and time to be with other adults and do a job I love, Milo gets to spend time with other kiddos in an environment that’s created entirely for him. win/win.

Milo’s changed so much recently, and he’s starting to be interested in different things at home. I can’t just sit on the floor and play with him all day any more, we need a bit more structure. Pinterest can provide a wealth of ideas but it all seems a bit random. I decided to put together a list of activities to do together based on the alphabet – every day has a different ‘theme’. Some days it’s just an activity, and (hopefully) other days will be more involved and full on – I also hope to arrange some play dates with Lo’s buddies on some of the more interesting days.

So far we’re a week in, and we’ve done ANIMALS and BAKING. Baking was my favorite of the week. We weren’t just pretending, we actually made chocolate rice crispie cakes.
IMG_6351 IMG_6340
Hopefully we’ve got some fun ahead. I’m pretty lucky where I live – I’ve got parks and lakes and playgrounds and soft play all within walking distance. There’s a lot to do. ¬†It’s been pretty hot the last few days here, and I’ve been trying to keep out of the sun, which means indoor activities are the way to go. Next week we’ve got COLOUR and DANCE to look forward to!

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