Pretty FL/Y for a white guy

IMG_9188When we first bought the flat I was pretty clear on what kind of lights I wanted in the living and dining areas. Industrial! Multi-bulb! Coloured flex! And that worked over the dining room table. The living space was a different story. Just for shits and giggles, allow me to remind you of what was there.FlatProgress4Not really my cup of tea. Fun fact: The light fixtures aren’t aligned to, well, anything. Not to the walls, not to the window and certainly not to each other. Our answer was to put in a single drop pendant, Ikea’s fanciest £3 paper shade and worry about it later. Two years later it turns out. I always thought a Kartell FL/Y would look awesome in the living room, but then I stressed over whether non matching lights would work in such a small space. (Incidentally, the answer is NO.) Thanks to some diligent eBaying by Mr E, we bought three FL/Ys. One green, one orange, which arrived smashed to buggery, and one blue.


Beautiful. Sure they get dusty pretty quick, but they’re so light and bright. They really do throw light everywhere. We’re currently using Ikea low energy globe bulbs, which are pretty bright and have a nice warm colour temperature.

I know I’ve been a bit lax on the kiddo front lately, life’s been oh-so-hectic. For those playing along at home, my new job is going really well, I’m loving being part time, and the fact that I’m writing and designing for a huge company is so…satisfying.  All that to say, Milo is 13 months old already. We had a little party on his birthday with cake and buddies, but nothing over the top.  He’s got teeth now and everything. Six of ’em.


Let’s see what this weekend brings.

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