Sunday Round Up-010215

I finally got a date to start my new job.  Also, I got a new job.  I start on the 16th and I’m so stoked.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  I had a big sort out of all of Milo’s clothes and toys this week and spent half of Saturday pricing and labelling for a little pickles market on Sunday.  I came home with quite a lot of it, but I still managed to get everything sorted so it feels pretty good.

This week’s treat of the week was banana loaf with dark chocolate chips, and it was delish. I used the recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe and added chocolate chips.  It’s healthy because of the bananas, right!?
IMG_4731 IMG_4740


Milo is 9.5 months old.  He loves chickens and ducks and we take every opportunity we can to get out and feed them.  I love to hear him laugh as the birds get closer and closer to him. There are chickens at ‘Lo’s nursery.  I can’t wait until the Spring when he gets to meet them up close.

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