Sunday Round Up

It’s been a pretty chilled out week here, and they’re the best kind, in my book.  Milo’s still crawling all over the place which is so exciting.  He’s figured out putting one thing inside another, and handing stuff over when asked.  The glosswork in the living room is done, so we just need one more coat of chalky white on the exposed brick and we’re done.  Well, we need to figure out what lights we want, but other than that we are DONE.

This week’s treat of the week were salted caramel biscuit bars.  Totally delicious.  I used the recipe from Erren’s Kitchen, I overbaked them because I was tired so they didn’t have the brownie texture I was after, but they did taste delicious, so I’ll have another try one day.
IMG_4621 IMG_4628

Today we made a family nest with playmats and cushion and cuddly toys and hunkered down to watch Ghibli films all morning, and I made us pancakes for lunch-Banana for Milo, Bacon and cheese for Mama and Daddy.  Bliss.  It’s been a long week, and bitterly cold, especially in the mornings. I’ve decided to take better care of my skin, and have started to drink a bunch more water and remember to moisturise.  We’ll see how it goes.

One thought on “Sunday Round Up

  1. How the time is flying past, treasure every moment of Milo being small, he will grow up so quickly, I know every mum wants her 1st baby to move on to the next development quickly, and try to keep their subsequent baby a baby for as long as possible, seeing as Milo is going to be an only child, please cherish his baby days. Love you all so very much xxx

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