The 99% Finished living room

Howdy all,

It’s been a while since I put up any pics of the house, and there’s been quite a bit of change!  The living room is now 99% done – the skirting board needs painting and there’s some filler in the walls that needs sanding and painting.  The filler is the same colour as the paint though, so the job isn’t screaming at me.  I know, I’m a mess.  Our flat is pretty small, even by British standards, so it still feels like we’ve got a lot of function crammed in here.
This is our TV room, our dining room and where Milo plays.  The space also gets commandeered as a spare bedroom (the sofa folds out into an unbelievably comfortable full-size double bed) and my studio on occasion.  The dining table extends and I’ve had ten people around it. There are chairs cleverly hidden in various places around the flat – in the bedrooms and even behind the sofa!  A lot of our life gets lived in this one room, so there’s as much storage as possible.  The end of the sofa is acually a lift up treasure chest of DIY supplies, the sideboard/TV unit is JAM PACKED with booze and illustration supplies, and even a media server!

We really don’t watch TV at all, but we have one anyway.  Sometimes Milo watches a Ghibli and sometime I veg out to Star Trek, but broadcast TV? Not so much.  We do listen to records a lot though!  I like to let Milo choose and then dance around the room.  He just chooses the the most colourful sleeve, but I feel good for letting him get involved.
The view of the throne.  The sofa is the Friheten from ikea.  It was cheap and cheerful and is reasonably comfortable.  I like knowing there’s a spare bed, especially when the little one’s having a tough night!
We all eat all of our meals at the table.  It’s nice to have a table right there because it actually gets used.  In our old place we had a dining room, but it got used as a bit of a dumping ground.  Again, the table is from Ikea, it’s just a Bjursta and its holding up pretty well.  It sure gets some abuse from the tiny one at dinner time!!  You can see our toy storage there too…Just a big ol’ box on wheels.
IMG_4119 IMG_4123
The shelving is Elfa System track and bracket, and we got some ply cut to size at our local hardware store.  Fun fact-I was 5 months pregnant when we did this and couldn’t help at all. Mr E. tried to pick up the ply by himself while everyone assumed I was being overly feminine and not helping in case I broke a nail or something.  I tried really hard to look pregnant but it just didn’t work.
On the subject of the kid (honestly, you have one and they just take over), the little man is nearly 9 months old.  It’s totally shocking.
I know a full house tour was sort of promised last summer, but it’s coming, I promise.

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