Thoughts on Motherhood

Yep.  It’s a post about the ‘M’ word.  I’m married, I’m mortgaged and now I’m a Mama.  My whole world has been tilted, but not turned upside down by having Milo.  I’m still ‘Me’.  I still eat sushi, I still listen to metal, I still dye my hair green on a whim.  I nurture and I protect and I imagine I could be fierce if I needed to be, but I’m pretty docile.  My tiny flat is not overrun with infant paraphernalia, but there is no doubt that a kiddo lives here.  I don’t think that having a baby means that you surrender your style and fill the house with plastic (we’ve done pretty damn well on that front, actually) or that the TV plays a perpetual loop of ‘In the Night Garden’.  We have everything we need, a baby bath that hides in a cupboard, a door bouncer instead of a jumparoo, a beautiful high chair that will last us many years, a beautiful crocheted blanked made with love by my MIL…  But not much primary coloured plastic.

I make Milo clothes, I made him a tipi, I made a sheepskin liner for his highchair and I’ll make one designed to go in trolley seats (damn they look uncomfortable).  I make fresh baby purees.  We watch Japanese anime with Subtitles.  I carry Milo in his sling most of the time and he loves it.  I sing Dolly Parton and Tim Minchin to him and I use organic baby bath.  I’m not all ‘extra crunchy granola’ (as a friend described) though.  Milo has plastic toys.  Sometimes he eats baby food from a pouch.  Some days I sit him in front of Peppa Pig so I can empty the dishwasher.  I give him Calpol and I get stressed when he screams, and yes, I use (gasp) disposable nappies and sometimes he even has (double gasp) formula.  I think of myself as a pragmatist.  I have ideals and good intentions, but you have to go with the flow and let the littun’s take the lead.

I’ve kind of forgotten what life was like before, but that’s OK.  To quote a Jonathan Coulton song: “You should know how great things were before you.  Even so, they’re better still today.  I can’t think of who I was before.  You ruined everything, in the nicest way.”

One thought on “Thoughts on Motherhood

  1. Bless you. You are a fabulous mummy, and like all mummy’s u must make the choices that you believe are right for you and your beautiful baby Milo. You and Mark are fine parents and Milo is loved deeply by us all, as are mummy and daddy. You go girl! Xxx

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