Feeding Milo…

Hey all,

We got the big crib for the Nursery last week, so now is all we need to do is strip and replace the skirting boards.  It’s a lovely calm space in there, and Milo’s settled in well.

Talking of Milo, he’s (shock) four months now, and we gave him his first food this evening.  Banana and avocado puree.  Yum yum! (FYI, I just baked an avocado and banana in the oven for 15 minutes, then threw them in the blender.)


Pictures of the nursery next time I promise!  Also, we finally have a door on the dishwasher now, as IKEA finally got their act together with the fixing kit.  All the tools and junk from Milo’s room has been creatively hidden away in the flat, and things are starting to look good around here.  We might even do a full house tour before the summer is out!


3 thoughts on “Feeding Milo…

  1. Couldn’t stop watching the recording of Milo enjoying his first mushed meal, so cute, loving the calm nursery. Milo just gets more gorgeous every day, well done Mama and Daddy oh and of course Milo xxx

  2. Aww, he’s so cute. And big! How the time passes, right? Good to hear about the dishwasher. Did you use the Behalplig kit? We still live in oblivion 🙂 which means lots of handwashing and drying… I also fell in love with the nursery of Milo. It looks very serene. And that tipi!

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