A little more progress…

Bit by bit, things are coming together in the kitchen.  We’ve started tiling and now have a feel of what the kitchen will look like once it’s done!


So, now we just need to finish the tiling and grouting, fit the doors onto the washing machine and dishwasher (and what a nightmare that is, but that’s a story for another day…), and bolt the wall cabinets together.  So close now, but the newborn is taking quite a bit of our time!  Hard to believe that he’s one month today.  Yay Milo!


8 thoughts on “A little more progress…

  1. It is really coming together – at least you have painted!! I haven’t even started yet…

  2. Congratulations, she’s a beauty. God bless.
    I am very interested in your story about the dishwasher front. We are planning on a Metod kitchen and I am reading very confusing comments/questions/problems regarding the integrated dishwasher. Was yours a 3rd party dishwasher or did you buy it from Ikea? Thank you for your progress photos.

  3. Hi Irma, thanks for your comments, he’s lovely, that’s for sure! Our dishwasher isa third party one (A Beko DW686, to be precise). We were advised by Ikea to get the ‘Personlig’ door fixing kit, but it turns out that one only works with Ikea dishwashers. Searching IkeaFans and other forums, it seems that in countries that have had Metod a bit longer, there is a fixing kit called ‘Bejalpig’. We managed to get hold of all of the part numbers for this, as although the product isn’t technically available, all the components are. We ordered this about a month ago and still haven’t had anything yet. I think we may just have to wait until a proper third party fixing kit is released! To be fair, when we ordered the kitchen, the cheapest Ikea dishwasher was about £600, which is why we went third party. I think they have more reasonable ones available now, so that may save you a headache. Assuming of course that you don’t already have a dishwasher! Good luck whatever you end up doing!

  4. Thank you for your reply. In our country Ikea does not sell electronic appliances. I have been reading the Ikeafans forum too. After visiting Ikea we saw that the new kitchens are built completely but they have not come up with a solution for the integrated dishwasher fronts (they were left as is). Ikea uses Siemens appliances here in their showrooms. At the moment there’s nothing we can do but wait :/ We have only bought the cabinets and worktops – ours is a bit like yours – it’s slowgress. Good luck to you and your family!

  5. Hi there, I’m just about to take delivery of a metod kitchen and am having similar third party dishwasher issues. IKEA tell me a new fitting has been released but I can’t find any confirmation that it actually works. Just wondering if you had solved the problem? I have a lovely new dishwasher ready to go – and don’t want to send back for an IKEA one… Your kitchen looks fabulous by the way. Love the tiles and and the top. B

  6. Hi, love the kitchen, the white handleless against that dark colour, with the wood for some warmth. Very similar to the one we are planning. I love that oven, white glass right? Can you let me know the make, model, etc as I want to buy it! Best of luck with the little one.

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