Just a Quickie…The kitchen…Exists. Sort of.


Following much excitement and so much waiting, on Wednesday we hot-footed it down to Ikea and bought ourselves a kitchen.  The kitchen planner lady was really helpful, but I’m pretty sure she took one look at us-all set with Macbooks at the ready, full of plans and spreadsheets and costings and measurements-and figured she would just let us get on with it.  I think that the standard drill is for the planners to go through your online plan and check spacing and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.  I don’t think we were typical customers.  Despite only bing available since Monday, there was a fair bit of Metod on display, and our kitchen (sans doors) was delivered the next day.  All the doors and fronts are due next week.  Super speedy.  So, after a fashion, the kitchen is in the flat.  Mostly though, it is in boxes, but it’s here and it’s ours and it will soon mock us with cries to be assembled.  I’ve put together four units so far, including nine drawers and it’s a sinch.  Although if you’re heavily pregnant (ahem) and sane (ahem) I wouldn’t recommend it.  Good thing I’m only ONE of those things.

IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0451 IMG_0452Aaaaaaaannd…. Obligatory person-incubating-selfie…
Just eight weeks to go before little Mr E is with us.  God, I hope we’re ready.


One thought on “Just a Quickie…The kitchen…Exists. Sort of.

  1. Well done to you both! Unconventional, certainly, but as always I am confident the end result will be amazing!! You both rock. What a beautiful pic of you with child. You are simply beautiful, and we love you dearly. Xxxxxx

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