Pictures of Progress

And so, as promised, here are some pictures of the carnage we’ve created in the name of “progress”.  This is my life right now.  Below is the Dining room, temporarily repurposed to become a bit of the kitchen.
Dining room kitchenNext up  is what I genuinely think is the best of the bunch.  The nursery, temporarily repurposed to become another kitchen.
Nursery KitchenAll of this is of course in aid of creating the ACTUAL kitchen, which as of this morning, looks like this:
IMG_0341 IMG_0340Bye bye, blue.  The other thing I mentioned yesterday was my nail polish shenanigans.  Well, in all this chaos, I looked at my chopsticks and thought “Hey, these could be more colourful!”. So I procrastinated and painted my chopshick tips with nail polish, and it turned out kinda OK?
IMG_0358IMG_0355IMG_0337I am the queen of procrastination.  (And with that said, I should probably get back to work…)

One thought on “Pictures of Progress

  1. Busy, busy, innovative Elliott’s!! You never cease to amaze me you clever cookies. Your chopsticks rock, like you they are unique! Can’t wait to see it all finished, including baby Elliott sleeping in his bassinet in his lovely nursery. Won’t be long. Keep on cooking. Xxxx

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