Aargh! Kitchen!

So today we’ve started to rip the kitchen apart.  Oh this is going to be fun.  Firstly: Do you have any idea how much CRAP it’s possible to store in a kitchen?!  Even more embarrassingly, we didn’t really unpack after we moved here, so I was pulling out half packed boxes from the cupboards and sorting them.  I found 6 (open) bags of mixed fruit, and also a bag containing a jar of marshmallow Fluff that had popped at some point.  Pleasant.

But.  We’ve started.  The spare room/small room/junk room/nursery is now a mini emergency kitchen – one hob and a microwave! Yeah!  And cabinets are disappearing in the kitchen.  We decided to go for an Ikea kitchen for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, they’re pretty cheap, especially if you do all the labour yourself.  They’re also ‘hackable’, by which I mean you can fit up awkward spaces and get exactly what you want if you’re imaginative/clever.  Ikea Faktum kitchens, however, are being discontinued in February in the UK (See more here).  The system is being replaced with the METOD system, which is more widely used in Europe and Scandinavia.  Cue a mild panic as we do the temporal math…Kitchen won’t be available to buy until February 3rd + Baby due end of March = “Ha ha, sod it! Let’s start the kitchen!”  We figure we can get the room cleared, the floor done, the lighting moved and wired up and the plastering and tile done before we pick up the kitchen, and install it straight into a prepped room.

Of course, the UK online Ikea kitchen planner won’t swap over to the new units until February (and we’re not just talking new doors, btw, it’s new shells, new sizes, new fixings…).  So we’ve been planning our kitchen on the Swedish version of the Ikea website.  Protip: If ever you want to be disillusioned with Ikea naming, go the Swedish website and let Chrome translate for you.  It will helpfully translate the product names, too.  It turns out the rather fancy sounding FAKLIG induction hob actually translates as…TASTY.

Pictures to come, of the kitchen desolation and also some other bits and bobs I’ve been up to, including PAINTING THINGS THAT ARE NOT NAILS WITH NAIL POLISH.  Laters!

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