Finally finished in the bedroom! (For now.)

Evening all!

Finished Bedroom

There was some lovely light in the bedroom this morning so I used it as an opportunity to breakout the camera and snap some shots of where we were.  Then I decided we were done.  So here we go…the bedroom!


Since last time we’ve built the wardrobe – that was interesting.  The wardrobe will forever live in this room now, as it literally will not fit through the door or window.  If we want to take it with us we’ll have to take it apart.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken apart flat pack furniture, but in my experience you can only put it together once, and take it apart once.  After that it just sort of crumbles into particle board that used to be a thing.  So….it’s staying here.  Forever.

DSCF6677We want to get a stand for the plant by the wardrobe, partly because it will look cooler, and partly because I’m a bit worried about the plant sitting directly on the heated floor.  Not sure how that will work out long term… I think we’re going to indulge ourselves and get a cute wire basket from Ferm Living, and turn it upside down.  Boom.  Plant stand.  On a related note, heated floors in a bedroom are just the best thing ever, you guys.  You wake up, pre caffeine, and plant your feet on a toasty warm floor.  It makes mornings just a little more bearable.

DSCF6672There’s a Bertoia wire chair at the end of the bed too, under the window, but that corner is a real arse to photograph.  Once I figure it out, I’ll let you know.  It’s such a difference from when we moved in, so much calmer and less….blue.  Sweet Dreams!


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