Progress in the bedroom

This weekend, we spent the nights sleeping on our Ikea sofabed (The ‘Friheten’, and FYI it’s VERY comfortable), surrounded by boxes and bags of STUFF.  The trouble we seem to have, is that no matter how much space we have, we always need a little bit more.  The stuff we were surrounded with at the weekend is what we had stored in the nursery closet.  The pattern goes something like this:

1.  Empty nursery closet
2.  Transfer contents of bedroom closet to nursery closet
3.  Demolish bedroom closet (fun!)
4.  Put contents of nursery closet…um…somewhere.

Most of said contents were sorted into nifty underbed boxes, and next weekend we’ll be getting a new freestanding wardrobe for the master bedroom.  Until then, the additional remnants of life have been put in the nursery (tool and floor and junk storage room atm!) and the door firmly closed.  BOOM!  Problem solved.

The purpose of all this shuffling was to allow us to rip up the bedroom carpet and lay the heating and flooring in there.  So, before ado is in any way furthered, here’s a little ‘before’ recap.  It’s blue! It’s dark! It’s FUN!

And whilst nowhere near complete, a room we can at least sleep in sans headache.Image

As a fun side note, we picked up a vintage George Nelson saucer lamp in need of some (a shit-ton) love last week and I’ve been cleaning that up ready to go up in here.  It’ll be nice to replace the knock-off-I-didn’t-know-was-a-knock-off-cos-I’d-never-seen-an-original that we’ve had for years.Image

The rather lovely white space here is where the wardrobe was, and will (obviously) be painted, and then we’ll be putting in a new wardrobe.  Hopefully on wheels.  And a pot plant.  Fancy.ImageImageImage

The new flooring is so much nicer.  I’m not sure about you, but when I move into a place with carpet that’s been there a while, no amount of cleaning can convince me that the carpet’s not full of the previous occupiers skin cells.   Gross.  

Next stop I think is the hallway-that’s a hot mess.  There are huge chunks of wall all different colours where things have been wall mounted and painted AROUND.  There’s missing skirting where we took out the storage heaters, and SO MANY DOORS.  Seriously, this is a tiny flat and we’ve got seven doors.  I’ve started painting them black and I think it’s kick ass, but I haven’t quite convinced Mr E yet…

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