Friday Aspirations 7. New House Nursery

Aspiration Header NurseryHello Everyone!  Welcome to the last Aspirations post.  It’s quite interesting to share this one, because it is for a room that we don’t actually need.  Yet.  We do want to have a baby, and once the house is finalised and up together we’ll have a crack at making one.  Here then, is the nursery!

New House Nursery

1 Crochet Blanket (My Mother In Law has kindly offered to make one, this one via schweizergarten 2 Chunky knitted pouffe, Argos 3 Storage Bench, Land of Nod 4 Teak Sideboard, Vintage – Mentioned here 5 Summer Oak Cot Bed, Mothercare 6 Ursa Minor Bear,  Rume 7 Giraffe Balloon print, Kevin Tiell

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