A change of heart and a change of Address

First the Big News.

IMG_0003That’s our sign right there.  We bought a flat!  The offer was accepted, the solicitors have been instructed and the mortgage is arranged.  So, why the hell did we buy a new(ish) flat when we had our hearts set on a fixer-upper long term house?  Pull up a chair, and I’ll tell you.

When we were deciding what we wanted to buy, we were so sure about the property we wanted.  The more properties we saw, the less appealing that idea was, and so we thought that perhaps the best idea was to buy a cheap, run-down old property and fix it up exactly how we wanted.  What a romantic notion *pause for sigh*.  Unfortunately, the more we looked into and planned and nearly bought a house like that, the more we realised that, you guys, it was a TERRIBLE idea.  We’re neither financially or (let’s face it) emotionally mature enough to deal with that kind of stress at the moment, and the idea of a cute little flat that we can totally make our own suddenly looked really appealing.

My new plan is to buy the little urban pad and make it awesome.  We’re still going to have the cool kitchen, the bare brick walls and the black internal doors, just smaller.  We’re going to build up some equity, and then in three or four years when we come to sell we’ll have plenty of capital behind us, ready to look for a bigger ‘keeper’ of a house.  That way we’ll be able to tackle it much better than we could now.  Crikey, listen to me.  I’ve turned into ‘that guy’. Right, from now on, nobody talk to me at parties.  Oh wait.

On the subject of emotional maturity, I am reminded of this XKCD…

One thought on “A change of heart and a change of Address

  1. So happy for tou both, can’t wait to see you transform it into your own amazing home, you will still have and do the best ideas, only on a smaller scale for the time being. Go you two!! Exciting xxxx

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