Friday Aspirations 3. New House Kitchen

Aspiration Header KitchenI can hardly believe it’s time for another Friday Aspiration…And so on to the kitchen.  I’m so freakin’ stoked to be planning my own kitchen.  In my life, I’ve had my Mamon’s, then three different Uni rental kitchens, and then two private sector rentals, and then finally my In-Laws, complete with sentient, malicious oven.  To have a kitchen designed by me, for me, is going to be awesome!

New House Kitchen

1 Eames Style DSX Chair, via Vertigo Interiors. 2 Archie Wall Clock, John Lewis. 3 Ferm Living cork trivet, Made in Design. 4 Wickes 1.5 Flush Sink, Wickes. 5 Open Shelving via BHG. 6 Gloss and Oak Kitchen via Wowhaus. 7 Work Hard print, via SOMA gallery 

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