Black(ish) Forest Gateaux

Hey guys,

I know this blog has turned into a bit of a foodie blog rather than design blog lately, but hopefully that will change soon.  With any luck we’ll soon be looking for a house!  Meanwhile, I wanted to make a black forest gateaux, but one of our party is allergic to cherries, so I made it with summer berries, instead :-).  I think it turned out pretty well.

black forest gateaux

It’s basically the Hummingbird Bakery Brooklyn blackout sponge, cut into three with homemade summer fruits syrup poured over.  I then pressed a layer back into the tin, then fruit compote, then chocolate ganache, more sponge, more fruit, whipped cream, the last sponge, then more fruit and more chocolate to finish.  Next time I think more fruit and a bit less chocolate.

black forest gateaux 2

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