“Our Annual Newsletter” And other Festive Traditions

Today I’d like to talk about Christmas Traditions (Or Hannuchriswanza traditions depending upon your religion and/or preference).

I remember Christmas growing up.  There were certain things that were just SO festive.
The tree and the decorations came first, and it seemed that every year there would be a trip to a HUGE garden centre to buy new baubles, but now I see that the garden centre wasn’t that big and this probably has only happened twice IN MY LIFE.  Christmas really started to feel real for me when we did the ‘two trolley shop’.  You know that things are getting heavy when mum AND dad go to the supermarket.  This was an excellent time to sneak Jaffa Cakes, Wheat Crunchies, Discos and Chocolate Orange Segsations into the trolley.  Oh, and REAL coke.  Coca Cola coke.  We were only allowed that at Christmas.
Once we got home and unpacked ALL THE BAGS, the crap would sit in the conservatory for weeks, not to be opened until Christmas morning.  Oh how it would taunt me.

Christmas morning FINALLY arrived.  Cue my dad heading downstairs first to ‘check Santa had been’.  Come on pops, we ALL knew Santa had been.  The shout came up and my sister and I would bomb it down the stairs, bypassing the overflowing sacks of presents, and dive straight into the conservatory, snarfing down all the christmas treats we could get our grubby little mitts on.

We always opened our presents in the round, pretending to be genuinely interested in what everyone else got.  Toward the end, my sister or I had more left than everyone else so we’d start opening two or three at a time.  Lots of hugs and thank-you’s, and then time to (try) and get everything upstairs.  Then the Christmas joy of wearing ENTIRELY NEW CLOTHES (from pants to new hair straighteners), a tradition I still like to indulge in today.

Then it was off to my nan’s, (although 10 year old me would rather be playing with my room full of new toys…) then home for lunch, games, TV, feeling sick and falling asleep on the sofa.  Ah, fun times.

So.  Now I’m *ahem* a grown up and it’s time we started to shape our own traditions. First up, rather that putting name tags on the pressies this year, I’ve got photos of everyone from the last year printed.  I’ve stuck these on the gifts, and from there it’s a simple game of snap – match the real-life-face to the present-face.  Next up is our annual Christmas Newsletter.  Bit odd in that there’s not really any news in it this year, but all things going to plan, we should have some interesting content in twenty-thirteen!

ELLIOTT - Christmas Newsletter 2012

Christmas Newsletter 2012

I think that Holiday traditions are important, no matter how new they may be.  The key thing is to keep that feeling of festivity.  Things that you associate with just the holidays. Special Things.

Like scoffing all the sweets.

One thought on ““Our Annual Newsletter” And other Festive Traditions

  1. You don’t know how lovely it was for us to read this, especially you memories of our Christmases when you were growing up, lovely. A brilliant idea and the start of your very own little family’s Christmas traditions. Xxxx

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