The Peg Game



Good Morning Folks.

Last week my team had our annual festive outing.  We headed off to a local (ish) pub, and had great food, a vast amount of drink, skittles and Various Other Games.  One of the games we enjoyed is known affectionately as the peg game.  The rules are simple:

1.  Try to peg peoples clothing

2.  Don’t get noticed

3.  Check yourself periodically for pegs

Point three above leads to some truly epic moves, which we have named “the peg dance”.  It’s amazing looking around a room to see ten or so grown men patting themselves down for clothespegs.  You may have noticed that there are some coloured pegs all up in there, too.  Well, they entail a trick or a treat.  If you notice you’ve been pegged, remove the peg and find it’s a coloured one, you’re in trouble.   We had boxes of chocs as prizes, and various forfeits, from singing “how much is that doggy in the window” (Backwards, natch) to remaining completely silent for five minutes.

The joy of the peg game is how long lived it can be.  Even after the party is long over, you can find pegs in the most unlikely places.  One year I found my CAR had been pegged.  In JUNE.  It’s simple, portable, confusing, and fun.  We even pegged our poor waitress.

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