I have recovered enough to give a brief account of my evening at the Geeked launch event at Foyles gallery space in Soho.  I shyly arrived to a room full of groovy looking people, hipsters and trendies, and some gals wearing some outstanding shoes…  I must say that I also arrived slightly knackered, after a two and a half hour train journey, two tubes, roadwork and asking two shops and a poor passer by if I was on Charring Cross Road.  Why TWO shops AND a passer by?  Neither of the guys in the shops knew where they were.  I love London.

So eventually I found the gleaming red beacons of Foyles and headed up to the lofted top floor, and emerged into room of aforementioned groovy people.  After removing my coat and willing the blood to leave my face I grabbed a glass of wine and desperately scanned the room for a face I recognised from the Twitter.  I saw Amanda (from Irreverent Ballet) and made an awkward introduction.  It went something like this:

Moi: (ahem)  “Sorry to interrupt, you’re Manda, right?”
Manda: “??”
Moi: “I’m Mickey”

So that part of the evening went quite well.  There were so many people there, and it was great to finally  meet Sam and Sofia from the magazine and put some faces to names.  There was also the London Photo Booth, which is where the playful snap above is from.  The lass to my left is Amanda, and the chick on the right is Lori.  Awesome ladies.  I believe a request was made at one point as to whether they could ‘keep me’.  Sam and Sofia made a short yet emotive speech and you could see how happy they both were to have pushed this thing into the world.  There was pride among the contributors, too, and I guess that includes me.

It was more or less at this point that I switched to red wine with cherry juice.  Oh dear.  I clearly remember forcing half a coconut cupcake in my face and dancing down some stairs.

Thank you Geeked for the opportunity to see my work in print, and best of luck in the future!

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