My latest little project…

Yes, yes, I know.  The last post was about my ‘latest little project’ too.  That one is unfinished in development, overshadowed by the prospect of a competition!  That’s right kids, design with a prize.  Corbis Images (a stock photo company) are running a competition encouraging designers to ‘design for a cause’ and to use Corbis’ stock images to create a poster championing a cause close to their hearts.  I have entered, and focused on Barnardo’s young carers program, because, y’know, I was one of ’em.

So, using one of the stock images, my tagline of ‘Caring ISN’T childsplay’, and a neat little illustration of a dot-to-dot bear, I created my poster…


Ta Da!  The top prize is £1000 donation to the charity (yay), a Wacom graphics tablet (yay) and coverage in a couple of top design mags, including Computer Arts.  The nine ‘runners-up’ each get a tablet.  I’m just glad to have my work featured on their website, but the top 10 are decided through peer voting only – everyone who uploads an image gets one vote, so it’s not a popularity contest, which is nice.  Anyway,  as of writing (Sat 17/11) my entry isn’t up yet, but here’s the link in case you want to check out mine (eventually) and other entries.  Wish me luck!

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