MY chocolate chip cookies

Good Saturday Afternoon the internet,

Earlier today I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  Chewy, sticky chocolate chip cookies.  Now, when I was at uni, I searched and experimented and tried REALLY HARD to perfect the ultimate cookie recipes.  I guess Americans would call it a ‘tollhouse’ cookie.  The closest thing I can think of here in Blighty is perhaps a Subway cookie.  Anyway, the fact of the matter is that I found one.  It was a recipe with so many tweaks over the years that it must count as mine by now.  My go to treat recipe.  I have served these babies warm with ice cream, wrapped beautifully as a present, and even layered the ingredients in a jar as a Christmas present.

I have a recipe book, a small pink notebook that I’ve had for EVER.  Once a recipe’s tested over and over and loved, it goes in the book.  Only the best of the best go in there.  There’s coq au vin, proper yorkshire puddings, squidgy American brownies, Salmon terrine…and cookies.  That is, there WAS, until I lost it.  I had a feeling that this day would come, and alas, in what must be the fifth time I’ve moved with it, I’ve lost the damn thing.

So I start again.  I guess it’s a bit of a metaphor really, my life is so very transient at the moment – perhaps it’s time to just let everything go and start again.  Build from the bottom up, and embrace the freedom of being able to get rid of everything I don’t like about myself and keep everything I do.

Like cookies.

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