How to build a tasty Starship…


It was my husband’s 30th birthday last week.  I’ve been asking what cake he wants form months, and the conversation each time has, without exception, gone like this:

Moi: What cake do you want for your birthday?
Him: Enterprise!
Moi:  I’m afraid I can’t do that (Dave).  What OTHER cake would you like?
Him: Enterprise!

And so on.  So I attempted to make a USS Enterprise cake.  Here’s how it went down…

The underpinnings is a tasty carrot cake with creamy cheese frosting.  I use the Hummingbird recipe, it’s good for cakes because it is BULLETPROOF.  I’ve never once had a cock up with this cake mix.  Even at 3am when I’m frantically baking for work.  Yep.  I do that.

Look! It’s got vegetables in it!  That means it’s healthy!

The bones of the cake are actually clever carpentry.  The cake stand forms the body of the Enterprise is made of wood.  the cake board areas are just more wood wrapped in spray mounted tin foil.  Spray mount is food safe, right? RIGHT?

The two cakes, all baked and cooling, next to the foiled cake stand.

I then trimmed all the cake up to the right (ish) dimensions.  I added a tasty layer of creamy cheese frosting to the saucer section, and ‘glued’ all the cakes onto the boards with frosting.

Next step was (bizarrely) Painting all of the wood with molten jam.  I stood in my almost-kitchen this morning with a bowl of melted jam and a paintbrush, painting  jam on to wood.  That’s a thing that happened.

Next up I iced the wood, as the jam had made it nice and sticky, and made a start on the warp nacelles.

A bit more icing, and then I went to town with the decoration, laughing all the way!

Et voila!  One USS Enterprise cake!

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