The Things Young People Do.

Good afternoon The Internet.

So…in order that we can save up a 10% deposit, procure a mortgage, purchase a house and have a baby to put in it, we have decided to move in with my husband’s parents for the next year.  The amount we’ll save on rent, council tax and utility bills should set us up with a decent deposit and arm us for house hunting.

There are downsides, of course.  We will be giving up our own home, and living in a bedroom and a conservatory type space, which we have been kindly ‘lent’ by my in laws.  The bedroom isn’t too bad, as before we moved in together, we re-did that space.  The real challenge comes in the shape of the extension/conservatory space.  Currently it houses a set of cane furniture, half a kitchen and a hell of a lot of clutter (read: Junk).  There’s also patio doors into the main dining room, and a door into the kitchen, as well as downpipes and plumbing which used to be on the outside of the house, but weren’t moved when the extension was built.

The plan is to clear the space, sort out the kitchen-y end, move in our furniture, paint, clean and come to terms with quite literally living in someones conservatory.  This is going to be a real tough one, but in a year we will be finding a place of our very own, so it will be worth it.

Sweet Zombie Baby Jesus.

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