Planning a new bathroom

Good afternoon all,

I’m in the midst of planning a bit of a bathroom update.  I recently re-did the main bathroom, but I’m after something a bit edgier.  It’s currently powder pink, with white and pale pink towels, an ornate white mirror and a frosted glass medicine cabinet.  As a renter, this is pretty much the only thing I can change.  It’s a pretty small room, but I want to go DARK in there.  My thoughts are near black walls and ceiling, and hot pink pops.  Think ‘goth flamingo’ and you’re there.

Over half the bathroom is tiled in plain white square tile, so that should balance it out, and the floor is a ‘lovely’ black faux marble texture lino affair.

So, here is my current thought process…

I LOVE the octopus figure.  Mr E hates it.  Something tells me I’ll win this one.
I’d show you a before picture, but currently the bath is absolutely filled with balloons from my birthday festivities a few days ago.  What?  That’s normal, right?

EDIT:  Here are the before pictures.  Who cares that the bath is full of balloons?  I’m not normal so I shan’t pretend to be.  So this is pretty much the view from the door (Why are bathrooms impossible to photograph?)

Notice the ledge above the toilet and sink.

 This wall is entirely white tile, so nothing can be changed there, although I guess a medicine cabinet could probably be screwed into the grout.  Probably.

The wall on the left there, and the reflected wall opposite show that it’s a pretty, sweet pink at the mo.
I’ve never liked the light, but I hadn’t (until now) had a better idea.  There was a horrid wire cage thing over an incandescent bulb when we moved in.  At least this was an improvement.
And here’s the last wall.  That medicine cabinet is WAAAY too small, even though we don’t use this as the main bathroom.  You can see the grey floor here too.
So there you have it, watch this space!

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