Of Country Parks and Crumbles…

Hello there, I’ve decided to integrate some of my exploits and baking into this blog, and create a well rounded picture of my life :-).  Today we took a trip to Manor Farm Country Park where I saw piglets and lambs and chickens, and even milked a cow.  I went through a victorian school lesson and hand fed a turkey.  We walked for miles, and on the way back to the car we pilfered blackberries from the hedges.

Once home, I decided that a tasty blackberry and apple crumble was in order.  Alas, I wasn’t using scrumped apples-I’ve given up that habit after the Mr. discovered and honest-to-goodness caterpillar in his lunchtime apple…

There’s all sorts going on at the moment too!  I painted the en suite bathroom lemon and added lemon and grey chevrons to the inside of the wardrobe (but it kind of sucked).  We’re planning on repainting the hall stairs and landing green-grey, the bedroom the same dove grey as the lounge, and adding a touch of grey to the dining room-as well as get a new desk out there!  Busy busy!
See you next time (I may be brave enough to share my rubbish chevrons yet…)

2 thoughts on “Of Country Parks and Crumbles…

    1. Thanks Julie! We’ve had that sideboard through two house moves and a toddler now, and it’s holding up so well! I loves nice piece of vintage nestled among all the IKEA…

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