The Great Wardrobe Experiment

Good Evening!

Over the years I’ve tried and failed so many times to keep my wardrobe in order.  Even living in an amazingly small space didn’t kept me in check.  But this time I vowed to try harder, and I think it’s working.  Our bedroom has a bizarre nook with a higher ceiling than the rest of the room, and it’s in here that we have installed some IKEA Stolmen poles and a small chest of drawers.  For a very long time (Read:Several Years) it looked like this:

Having enough of ironing my clothes both when they went in and when they came out I developed a Plan.  I wrote myself a plan for getting the beast tidy, and some ‘rules’ for keeping it that way.
Getting Tidy
1.  Sort out the clothes.  I took everything back and followed the old ‘6 month’ rule.  If I haven’t worn it in 6 months, it goes.  Yep.  Harsh, but it works.  Now everything in my wardrobe is something I love.
2.  Work out what works.  I find it easier to have stuff hanging, the Mr likes things folded.  Once you figure out where you’re likely to put stuff when you finish with it, you can work out where it needs to be in the first place.
3.  Put everything back!
Keeping it That Way
My simple rule is to put things away.  Even if I don’t feel like it first thing in the morning, I will fold up my pyjamas and put them in the drawer.  That skirt I want to wear tomorrow?   Back on the hanger, not slung over a chair.  Belts?  Hair accessories?  Necklaces?  They all head into the cute tin pail, and stay there.  
There were a few changes as we figured out what worked…The big box for shoes, and the tin pail for ‘stuff’.
It seems to be working so far-and I’m ironing much less. 🙂

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