The Befores and the Afters…

Good Afternoon!

Whilst I’m planning the next change (I think it’s going to be the bedroom, I’m itching to at least paint in there…) I thought I’d share some before shots of the current place.  When we moved into our current apartment, we had furniture that was cheap, begged, stolen or borrowed.  In the case of our sofa, it was a 2 seater borrowed from my in-laws.  It was so small my husband and I could barely sit on it at the same time.  This wasn’t a problem in the old place, as we had 2 and a half rooms.  One room for sleeping and officing, one room for bathrooming (the ‘half’ room) and one room for everything else.

In our current flat, we found we had so much room that we didn’t even use the dining room for a while as we found our feet.  Slowly though (and we have been there a couple of years now) we’ve got things just right, with a balance of the cosy that we were used to, and the open and airy that we aspired to.  It’s interesting too, to see how our style hasn’t really ‘changed’ as such, but has instead become a little more ‘refined’.  The walls are essentially the same colours, the same basic shapes in the furniture but just a little more subtle and grown up, although saying that, we do have the biggest sofa in the world and I jump on it sometimes.

Now to think about the bedroom!

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