Redecorating the living room

Good evening all,

We decided to redecorate the living room, get rid of the one dark grey wall and go for a softer grey all over.  After spending days agonising over the exact shade, hue and intensity of grey (seriously, who knew there so may greys!) we came to a decision and headed off to Homebase to get it mixed.  Obviously we came home with something else.

The colour we chose was called ‘night jewels 5’ by Dulux, but we picked up a tub of Once in Chic Shadow instead.  What can I say, I’m impatient.  Here’s the obligatory ‘before’ shot…

Most of the walls are white, but the one behind the TV was a dark grey shade called ‘Smoulder’ by Crown Paints.  It’s been that colour for a couple of years now and needed freshening up, so we decided to change it up completely and brighten the room up a bit.  Last night everything went back to ‘moving-day white’…

In an homage to Red Dwarf, we changed it from Dowdy old ‘Ocean Grey’ to crisp new ‘Military Grey’…

And here’s the completed paintwork!  We’re still putting the room back together, so I’ll stick up some pictures of the room tomorrow, but for now hopefully this gives an idea of the changes…We’ve moved some of the prints around too, and the whole room just looks so much less cluttered.

More pictures tomorrow!  

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