Cute New Outfits

Good afternoon, whilst the next post is not about the house, it IS about feeling pretty (and the house is in the background, after all).  I’ve been watching a fair bit of Pushing Daisies lately, and am utterly besotted with the wardrobe of Charlotte Charles, AKA Chuck.  Losing a bit of chunk has given me the opportunity to choose new clothes and styles and I’m relishing it!  I put together an outfit in theory, seeing how it would look together.  This is the result:

Happy with the way it looked, I decided to rock it for real this morning.  I’m going for ‘Librarian Chic’ here, and I think I pulled it off…
The exact pieces aren’t identical, but I like seeing it all down together first.  Perhaps I will start keeping photos of all my clothes so that I don’t have to go hunting through the wardrobe trying on hundreds of combinations to see if I like something together.  Hmm, I feel a project coming on!

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