A Few Changes…

There have been a few changes to the blog, and there are probably some more to come.  I’ve had a few changes myself-so if you’ll forgive the self-indulgent nature of this post, I’ll fill you in.  I’ve decided to finally lose my extra weight.  I was about two and a half stone overweight, and I’ve just about lost the first stone.  Yay me.  I’ve finally started to feel ‘pretty’ again, and I’ve wanted to reflect this in my house, my clothes…everything.  Hence the changes.  I’ve started to re-decorate some of the house, and I’m super excited to share that with you!
I’m going to find the pictures from the original Estate Agency listing for our house, because even though it’s a rental and we’ve not been able to change anything structurally, it was still a bland white box when we moved in.  I’ve also been baking more and making cute bento-style lunches for myself and the Mr, so perhaps a few of those will pop up.  Who knows?
Also, I’ve just ordered a new camera, so no more iPhone pictures!

I’ve just finished the bathroom.  I painted it whisper pink, and bought a cute print from keep calm gallery that reminds me to look lovely.
I love fresh starts, and I’m starting to feel like a bit of a different person.  I’ve even turned into a MORNING person, which I have never been in all of my 25 years.  I like this period of change, it’s exciting and I wonder where I’ll end up?  Hopefully it will be somewhere spectacular and you’ll all be there to share it with me!

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