Double Glimpse!

Good evening internet.  It’s been a busy few weeks in the Elliott household.  We decided to overhaul the dining room somewhat, we’ve been collecting new furniture gradually so we thought it high time to ‘finish the job’.  A tin of paint and a trip to Ikea later and we have a dining room that we’re happy with.

We’ve gone for yellow, which isn’t something either of us expected, but that seemed to work (took 40 minutes of staring at colour cards at the Dulux machine to figure that out…)


We’ve had some fun in the bedroom 😉

We want to change it right up in there as I’ve had the same country style pine for donkeys years.  We can’t afford to change it all out at the moment so we decided to change the headboard on the bed.  This evolved into full-blown reupholstering the whole bed, and I think it’s much better.



We used the same principle as this guy, only we ‘tufted’ our headboard afterwards, which was a bit of a pain in the arse, to be honest.  Last job to do is figure out what to do with the legs.  I wan to cover the tops in the wool, but the Mr wants to stain them black.  I guess it comes down to who has the most free time…

Here are some close ups of todays project…

 Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight!  For now, though, I need to rest my swollen hand, I fired a thousand staples into that thing, and the electric staplegun kept blowing fuses, so I did it with a manual one.  Ouch.

3 thoughts on “Double Glimpse!

  1. Hi! Sorry it's been so long! Thanks! The yellow in the dining room was mixed at a Dulux paint station, and it's Delhi Bazaar 4. There's a slight touch of green in there. It's lovely in the mornings!

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