Make Do and Mend…

A bit of a cheeky DIY post today (with poor photography-sorry).  I’ve had some old blue box files kicking around for a while that I think must have crept home with me from work once upon a time.  I DO use them, but I hide them away because they are pretty awful.  I decided today that I would cover them with a nice paper.  I took a trip to John Lewis and picked up a roll of Orla Kiely Multi Stem wrapping paper, and covered the aforementioned boxes.

Much Better.  We’ve got a few plans for the dining room this year, meaning that more things are going to be on display.  We got a new table last month-which finally replaces the one from Homebase, and there are a few more things on the To-Do list.  We’re going to repaint, get rid of my huge desk and we’re finally going to get around to putting up shelves in there.  This means all the files, vases, magazines and who-knows-what-else will be on show.

Unfortunately, John Lewis is a dangerous place, as I instantly fell in love with these Sagaform glasses

They would look very nice on the new shelves….

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